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Assembly Guide Locate the “top” plate, which has a gray foam gasket on the top and a black rubber gasket on the bottom.   Position the handle atop the gray foam gasket, aligning the attachment screws with the metal threaded holes in the top plate.  Tighten with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Once attached, position the plate so that the black rubber gasket is flush with a flat, non-textured surface, such as a table or countertop. Tighten the attachment screws until the sound of air being pulled through the area between the gray gasket and handle nearly stops.  Do not overtighten. Press the “System Wake” button (”ready” when button is down, “off” when button is up).  Press the “Resume Vacuum” button and Pillvac will begin suction, temporarily affixing the plate to the flat surface. Power down by pressing the “System Hibernate” button or simply allow the unit to auto shutdown.  Auto shutdown occurs whenever  the “Drop Tablets/ Resume Vacuum” button is not depressed for 1 min. System Wake/Hibernate High Power Drop Tablets/Resume Vacuum Locate a “bottom” plate and align the groove with the gasket of the “top” plate. Plates will magnetically attach. The choice of bottom plate for specific pills varies between users and may change the more you use Pillvac. Mount the under counter hook by placing the clamp opening around the front edge of the counter and tighten the knob until secure.  This works best in a position that does not cause extreme flexing of the hose. Rest the handle assembly in the counter hook and place the funnel tray on the work area.  For training, retrieve bottles of aspirin 81mg, ibuprofen 200mg, and omeprazole 20mg.  Refer to “Quick-Start Guide.” Locate the funnel tray and remove the clear acrylic plates from their packaging.  Spray and wipe all plastic with anti-static/acrylic cleaner and the microfiber towel provided.  Buff until clear and dry. Open the bag containing the anti-static/acrylic cleaner, microfiber cloth, and under counter hook and place the contents to the side.  Unwrap the Pillvac unit and handle from its packaging. Only use Pillvac acrylic cleaner or Novus #1 Clean and Shine to clean the plates and tray.  NEVER use window cleaning fluids with ammonia (ie Windex or 409) or denatured alcohol.  This will cause plates to crack.