Pillvac is unlike anything else on the market and will dramatically increase the productivity of your pharmacy.  In the past, those looking for alternatives to filling blister packaging by hand found only expensive automation and semi- manual devices that failed to meet expectations.  Pillvac is the “game-changer” your pharmacy has been looking for.


Pillvac delivers outstanding performance in an affordable package.  There are absolutely no maintenance fees or hidden costs associated with Pillvac.  It provides a value that simply can not be matched in the pharmacy marketplace.  No other product can multiply the productivity of your technicians for anywhere near the price!


Whether you’ve seen the videos or watched Pillvac in person, it doesn’t take long to realize just how effective this device really is.  Pillvac can fill up to twelve cards per minute--almost all sizes and shapes of capsules and tablets.  There are no settings to adjust or components to change out.  Just plug in the unit, turn on the power, and begin filling blister cards more efficiently.

The solution your pharmacy

has been waiting for.

The design of Pillvac allows your pharmacy to immediately begin filling blister packaging more efficiently. For the past 6 years, we have tested and refined our design to offer you the most reliable and cost effective product on the market to improve the production capacity of your pharmacy.

Prepack and Controlled Inventory

Pillvac is the optimal tool for prepackaging or repackaging medications.  It may also be used to provide a convenient, accurate, and secure controlled substance inventory.

Patient Specific and Calendar Fill

Simply cover any apertures corresponding to “open” dates for your cycle fill, and Pillvac will be configured to fill virtually any arrangement of tablets or capsules in seconds.  
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“...a game-changing device for long term care pharmacy.”

Dispill Packaging, 60 count, 90 count, etc.

Pillvac can be used to fill any configuration of packaging by any manufacturer--and can be switched between different configurations in seconds.  It is quite simply the most flexible solution available for your packaging needs.