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Quick-Start Guide The main concept in this Quick Start Guide is that Pillvac will only pick up tablets when they come into contact with a hole on the plate--and if two tablets touch the same hole, it will pick up both tablets. ...the holes cannot make contact with the tablets. When this happens, Pillvac will not lift any tablets.  Tilting the handle forward or backward rather than parallel to the tray will also prevent some holes from touching tablets.    When it appears that all holes on the plate are occupied by a tablet or capsule, gently lift the handle away from the tray.  Pulling or “jerking” the handle up quickly will cause the tablets to fall off of the plate. Gently place the plates atop the tablets and slowly move in a circular motion.  Do not push downward with force!  This will actually cause the tablets in contact with the holes to become separated from the plate. Scan the plate as you move towards the blister packaging.  If a hole is “missing” a tablet, you can either deposit what is on the plate and fill missing tablets by hand, or go back and touch the empty hole to a tablet. If more than one tablet is touching a particular hole, simply tap the side of plates with the palm of your free hand or use a gloved finger to slightly move the undesired tablet away from the hole. When tablets or capsules are packed tightly together as in the above photograph, lifting tablets is more difficult.  Simply “push” the end of the clear plate into the center of the tablets to spread them out. When the tablets or capsules are spread out and in a single layer, press the red “Resume Vacuum” button and place the clear plates parallel to the funnel tray.  Do not tilt handle backward or forward. To begin, pour the tablets onto the funnel tray.  Use aspirin or similiarly-shaped tablets to learn the technique of using Pillvac.  With slightly curved surfaces, they will lay across the tray in a “single layer.” An alternative method to spreading tablets out and creating a single layer is to gently slide the tray foward and backward or to use a gloved hand to spread and “unstack” the tablets. While all capsules and most tablets have slightly rounded top and bottom surfaces, some tablets do not.  When these tablets become stacked or are turned “sideways” as shown in this illustration... If the tablets or capsules are too large or heavy to be held by the holes under normal operation, press the “High Power” button and hold down while gliding the plates over the tablets. Align the plate directly above the packaging bubbles and press the “Drop Tablets” button to drop the pills. If you touch the plate directly to the bubbles, be sure to hold the button until completely clear of the blister.